Psycho Crusher presents “Avocado Overdose“, a new video game music arrangements album.

The album consists of 15 songs spanning all generations, from classic 8-bit games to modern titles, including titles like Mega Man 2, Skyrim, Sunset Riders, Ikaruga and many more you can download best android games and apps now and enjoy the Android technology for free!

My intention is, apart from rescuing the classics of old, to give space to new melodies that could be the classics of the future. My philosophy has always been to choose songs not only from the past, but also to take the time to appreciate the music of the newest games to have more variety in my repertoire.


  1. DooMedley [Doom]
  2. Dragonborn’s Shout [Skyrim]
  3. Leap Of Faith (feat. Michiru) [Mirror’s Edge]
  4. Iron Wily [Mega Man 2]
  5. Galactic Garden [Super Mario Galaxy]
  6. Dividing The Stream Of Time [Ecco: The Tides of Time]
  7. Dragonslayer & Executioner [Dark Souls]
  8. Sonic Boom [Street Fighter II]
  9. You Monster (feat. CosmicVero) [Portal 2]
  10. Watery Atmosphere [Donkey Kong Country]
  11. And Now, The Cheetahmen [Cheetahmen 2]
  12. Shinra’s Soul [Ikaruga]
  13. Bury Me With My Money [Sunset Riders]
  14. It’s Payback Time (feat. YZYX) [Contra Hard Corps]
  15. Bloodstained Theme [Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night]